Mumbai’s lockdown could be a boon for filmmakers worldwide

Munni Trivedi | July 2020

Work from home is, for many, the new black. In just a matter of weeks, normal working practices have become a distant memory. People and processes are in flux. Resourcing is being reimagined.

Creative agencies are having to react, almost hour by hour, to clients’ changing requirements. Studio bench strength has become a much more dynamic metric – dialed up one day, dialed down the next. This need for flex is not new. It’s been an emerging trend for several years. The current social and economic situation is giving it new momentum.

For the past ten years we’ve been building a network of creative talent that works remotely. For us ‘work from home’ is an extension of an existing shift towards models of open talent and contingent resourcing. It’s a fundamentally different way of thinking about resourcing because it challenges lots of traditionally held beliefs about the nature of work and how we engage people in their professional lives. Since we live in turbulent times, radical solutions are required.

Many businesses are suffering in the lockdown. But, laws of supply and demand still remain and that creates new islands of opportunity. I have one on my doorstep.

India’s film industry centered here in Mumbai, has ground to a halt. Sets stand abandoned. But there’s ample supply of technical talent and video editors, graphic designers and animators sat, at home, with itchy trigger fingers dying to cut and splice an AV.

So, if you’re a production house, SFX studio or advertising agency and you’re struggling to complete projects, why not tap into that pool of talent? Take advantage of the opportunity to do things differently and outsource some of your production work. We’ve been helping agencies for a decade, so we’ve learned a lot about the not-so-new ‘new black’.

Drop me a line and let’s see if we can help you reimagine your workflows and make your business more resilient. You can find me at