If you are a communications agency, branding team, packaging studio or research house we have a plan to suit your needs.



We are the agencies’ agency

We deliver high-quality work in digital, print, packaging, audio visual formats. Even your PowerPoint is welcome.

By using our dedicated offshore production resources you can

  • Add scale to manage peaks and troughs in your workflow
  • Access hard-to-find skills
  • Extend your service offering
  • Shift costs from fixed to variable
  • Boost your bottom line

How can we avoid being a fixed cost business in a variable cost world?
Gain cost advantages by outsourcing to Indigo Premedia

How can we reduce reliance on freelancers?
Use Indigo Premedia as an extension to your studio.

How can we avoid overstretching our team?
Share the load with Indigo Premedia.

How can I get this by tomorrow?
Utilise overnight services from Indigo Premedia.

How can we do more with less?
Outsource to Indigo Premedia to extend your studio’s capacity.



About us

Indigo Premedia acts as an extension to your own studio.
We’ve run creative agencies in the USA, UK, Singapore and India. We understand the economics of an agency and the link between production efficiency and profitability. These challenges can be resolved through lower cost outsourcing.

Indigo Premedia is at the forefront of applying proven outsourcing principles for agencies specialising in marketing, branding, publishing, communications, and research.

Our clients enjoy cost and operational benefits and say we are responsive, agile, and reliable.

We are the agencies’ agency.
We’ll do the work while you’re down the pub!

Reporting season is a ball ache. Every annual report hits at the same time. There’s massive demand for a small number of production designers. Freelance rates go through the roof. Unless you look farther afield.

Annual reports

From our studio in Mumbai, we manage thousands of pages of annual reports during each reporting season, including ESEF tagging. Every file is completely secure and GDPR compliant. We set pages to established style guides. Our proof-readers spot errors that native speakers miss. Our clients include several of the leading financial reporting agencies. For clients in the UK, we add at least half day of studio time every day. For clients in the USA, it’s a whole extra day.

Language capability

We do page layout in Latin and non-Latin scripts, Asian and Arabic texts.

"हम अपनी टीम को ज्यादा तनाव से कैसे बचा सकते हैं ? इंडिगो प्रिमीडिआ के साथ भार साझा करें। "

チームの過度な負担を避けるにはどうすればよいでしょうか? Indigo Premedia と負荷を共有します。

Conas is féidir linn róshíneadh ár bhfoireann a sheachaint? Roinn an t-ualach le Indigo Premedia.

نقوم بتصميم الصفحة بالنصوص اللاتينية وغير اللاتينية ، والنصوص الآسيوية والعربية.

Nous réalisons la mise en page en caractères latins et non latins, textes asiatiques et arabes.


Your design team probably hates PowerPoint. We don’t.
We format layouts, create charts icons and illustrations, and build slide decks to your brand guidelines. Delivered overnight, quality checked and proof-read.
We do it in keynote too.
Our studio team does highly detailed image work for a host of applications including fashion and travel brands. Clever technicians use filters to distort and enhance images. We make flat and realistic 3D mock ups for use across media.
“All the quality for half the cost. Over the years, Indigo Premedia has saved us so much money. A great solution to our capacity bottlenecks. 5/5 for quality of work.”
– Agency Production Director, UK
Case study: Health benefits
To convert a 124-page InDesign file to PowerPoint and change the format from portrait to widescreen. Recreate intricate charts, infographics and other visual elements.
Restructuring the content to best fit the proposed frame required a high level of creative input.
The client enjoyed a quick turnaround on a labour-intensive project with minimal revisions and the cost advantages of production from India.
You’ve likely touched our work. But you wouldn’t know it. Our clients design packaging for some of the world’s most recognisable brands in beverages, snacks, beauty, and pet care. They outsource to us the massive task of creating hundreds of SKUs.


We deliver finished files across multiple adaptations, variants, pack sizes, and languages to existing and new cutters. We update regulatory data for particular countries. The cans, cartons, labels, and pouches will adhere to your brand guidelines.

Print ready files

Digital print ready files can then be sent anywhere in the world for fabrication in local markets. We manage ink trapping for print specifications on many substrates, including metal cans. This is done at scale and can include 100s of SKUs for a new product launch.


To bring products to life for promotion and e-commerce we create 2D and 3D visualisations and render 360o modelling.
“Rolled out many designs in a very short time. The Indigo Premedia team is highly responsive. Like an extension of my team. 5/5 for ease of doing business.”
–Agency Design Adaptation Manager, USA
Case study: Good enough for Oprah
To support the launch of a premium food brand bearing the face of the world’s most famous TV personality.
Managing a huge SKU list of adaptations, variants, pack sizes and languages.
Our agency client, a US-based packaging specialist, built Indigo Premedia into their workflow. This gave them additional scale and the benefits of a double shift to manage a massive roll-out
Our studio is located in Mumbai, the heart of the Indian film industry. We’re tripping over talent, including folks who win awards for Hollywood movies. If they work on your film or video, you receive a world class asset at a fraction of the cost.


We turn your moving image concepts into high quality videos. We turn your brief into a storyboard; develop characters to your specifications and brand guidelines.


Our technicians work on industry standard platforms. They take your visual assets and create cost-effective, high-resolution 2D and 3D motion graphics animations. We blend live action with 3D animation and C4D rotoscopy to create excitement.


Your film will be edited and packaged with supers and soundtrack. We do cool things to integrate technologies such as HTML to create interactive ‘read more’ sections within a film. By adding moving elements to a still image we create cinemagraphs. We can edit your webinars and podcasts and give them a new lease of life
“Very happy with the video animation at lower cost. Did the initial test, happy with the results, have a lot of projects now. Much better than our previous supplier. I would give 5/5 for consistency.”
–Agency Operations Manager, Singapore
Case study: Tying it together
A power company wanted a graphic device for an anniversary short film.
Using 3D camera tracking and C4D rotoscoping our animators created a 3D ribbon that was used to tie together video footage from various sources giving the film a consistent feel.
The client off-loaded resource-heavy tasks, cost-effectively so that their team could focus on higher value activities.
Case study: Adding interactivity
To add layers of interactivity to an animation providing ‘read more’ sections within a corporate film.
We used HTML code to redirect users to different screens and links giving additional information. Sounds simple? It isn’t. Building this kind of functionality requires collaboration between coders and animators.
Personalisation allows viewers to interact directly with the content and build their own journey. The film can be used across android, iOS, Windows, and Macintosh screen dimensions for phone, desktop and iPad as well as Chrome and Safari internet browsers.
Research Circle
Research requirements tend to be sporadic. Intense for a time then slow. That’s why it makes sense to use a service you can turn the volume up and down on to meet peaks and troughs in demand. Plug and play.

Desk research

Our English-speaking teams research markets to identify companies, potential customers, thought-leaders, events and symposia. All data is managed securely and is GDPR compliant. We gather and verify large data sets to your specifications. Our analysts will work with you to define research parameters and identify relevant sources. We scour financial reports, media audits, news sources, industry journals, congresses, and databases.

We free up your team so they can focus managing relationships with your clients. Our team picks up the routine, time consuming activities. We deliver at scale and you enjoy the cost arbitrage of using offshore resources.


We have deep experience in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, financial services and travel.
“A big cost saving benefit for us. The team is very friendly and flexible. Definitely 5/5 for speed of work.”
– Agency Director, UK
Case study: Skills and scale
Our remit was to review five years of annual reports and press coverage for the top 100 companies globally across three industry sectors.
We deployed researchers to mine and evaluate publicly available data and create rankings. India-based research teams supported analysts in San Francisco, New York, Paris and London.
Our client had access to agile resources at scale to deliver complex data analysis with high standards of accuracy.

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