Hybrid work is so much more than working a few days from home each week

The term ‘hybrid’ has seeped into our lexicon in the past year. I’m simultaneously pleased and irritated by its arrival.  Pleased, because our working lives will be increasingly hybrid. Accepting that and recognising it in our language is important.  At the same time, irritated because the current definition feels such a narrow one. Hybrid in […]

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Remote work opens vast new opportunities

A transformative truth has come to light in the past year and a half. Work can be done productively, no matter where the team members sit. Remote work is…well…working! And this realisation has accelerated the shift toward finding the best person for a task regardless of geography. Organisations are now embracing the concept of a […]

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Outsourcing lets agencies do more with less

It’s a tough time for creative agencies and studios. The brands that are their customers are asking them to do ‘more with less’. The number of available channels has exploded. Feedback loops have grown exponentially. Data is rampant. Personalisation is the communicator’s holy grail. Regulation changes rapidly. Budgets are constrained. There’s lots to do. To […]

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