Remote work opens vast new opportunities

Amolika Maheshwari  •  July 2021
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  • Remote work

A transformative truth has come to light in the past year and a half. Work can be done productively, no matter where the team members sit.

Remote work is…well…working!

And this realisation has accelerated the shift toward finding the best person for a task regardless of geography. Organisations are now embracing the concept of a distributed team augmented by independent talent. 

The pandemic has supercharged a trend that was already emerging. It’s upended traditional work norms and forced organisations to fundamentally rethink the way they function: from where teams are located to how they interact. 

This change in working arrangements has revealed a fascinating fact that some of us already knew: working remotely is highly productive. Back in 2017 Stanford University researcher Nicholas Bloom reported that productivity of remote workers is higher by 13%.

Many of the reasons are self-evident. Workers are no longer spending time getting ready for work, commuting long distances, running between meetings, or getting distracted by water cooler gossip. Managers are realizing that the ultimate test of a worker’s productivity must be their output, rather than their ‘face time’.

The implications are vast for both workers and hiring organisations.

Businesses realize that they can hire people from anywhere in the world. They are no longer limited to the pool of workers living close-by. Getting the ‘right’ person with the skills needed for the task is more important than geographic proximity. Workers have new freedoms. Opportunities have appeared to work with clients in other territories. They can pick and choose the type of work and when they work. And this new era also means people who may have been excluded from the workplace for a variety of reasons are now more visible.

Forward-looking companies are rethinking their talent and resourcing strategies. Not only are they letting their people work from home they’re also realising that they can access vast new pools of talent.

At Indigo Premedia we’ve helping creative agencies do just that by giving the access to talented technicians in India and other parts of the world. For us remote work has been a way of life for a decade. We’d love to share some of our knowledge and introduce you to some highly talented designers, editors, animators, and researchers.

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